A little padding makes a lot of difference!

Written by Dena Meldrum


Posted on January 04 2021

I've been working from home for nearly a decade and started using a standing desk several years ago. Previously, I had carpet in the office, so I had some padding. but I pretty much wore that down from standing in the same spot for so many hours every day.

I got this mat to put in front of my standing desk and it is so much better than even the thick under-carpet cushion. It is just big enough for me to stand on and move around a bit. There is plenty of cushion, but not too much that it feels like a "step." The edges are sloped, which helps locate the edges of the padding without looking down -- and allows the vacuum-robot to move over it without freaking out.

What's better is that it will be easier to replace and clean than the whole room's carpet! It is a simple mat, but seems to be very well constructed. So far, I am really happy with this.

— D. Baer